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model-2210 PSC

PSC QS6500 Scanner

The PSC QS6500 is PSC's newest general purpose handheld scanner. For customers looking for a scanner with premium performance at an affordable price, the QS6500 is the best in the market. The PSC QS6500 includes aggressive scanning performance, an ergonomic feel, excellent field depth and fast 1D and PDF bar code reading.

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  1. Datalogic (87)
  1. QS65-1070032-701R

    QS6500, Gray 1D, WE, DB9 8' Cable, Stand, CD.
    Free Shipping
  2. QS65-2060032-601

    QS6500, Wired Handheld Barcode scanner, PDF417 Imager, 12 ft. PowerPlus IBM USB POT Cable, Stand and CD
    Free Shipping
  3. QS65-2040032-403

    QS6500, PDF417 Imager, Multi-Interface, USB HID Keyboard Config, Stand and cable, Color: Gray
    Free Shipping
  4. QS65-2030001-301R

    QS6500, Gray PDF417, Keyboard wedge, 6MDIN, P & S, E/P-POT, 12', CD.
    Free Shipping
  5. QS65-3030000

    QS6500, Handheld Barcode scanner, 1D, Multi-Interface, Black
    Free Shipping
  6. QS65-1030001-301

    QS6500, 1D imager kit with Keyboard wedge interface, PS/2 cable, Gray
    Free Shipping
  7. QS65-1040000

    QS6500, 1D imager only, USB default, Gray, Requires cable
    Free Shipping
  8. QS65-2010000

    QS6500, 1D/PDF417 imager only with RS-232 default interface, Gray, Requires cable
    Free Shipping
  9. QS65-2010132-105

    QS6500, 1D/PDF417 imager kit with RS-232 interface, Stand, 9-pin Female cable, Power, Cable
    Free Shipping
  10. QS65-4045003-403

    QS6500, PDF417 Imager USB H/K, N BSC/N, POT-2M - Color: Black
    Free Shipping

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