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model-2292 PSC

PSC SnapShot Scanner

PSC SnapShot Scanner

The is a lightweight, yet rugged bar code scanner. It is simple to use: just point the scanning window at a barcode and press the trigger. A red light emitting diode (LED) on the top of the indicates when the is scanning, and a green LED indicates when a scan is successful.

Two Models To Choose From
is available as a decoded or undecoded scanner. Decoded models can be connected to any supported PC or terminal as either a keyboard wedge or a serial device. Undecoded models must be used with PSC PowerWedge fixed station decoder (or similar decoders) or with portable data-collection terminals (such as the PSC PT 2000).

The scanning range depends on the type of scanner you are using. Currently there are three types of decoded and undecoded scanning performances to choose from:

A User Manual is included with each product shipped. This manual gives the end user a product overview and installation guidelines for each decoder.

The Programming Manual offers complete information necessary for utilizing each unit's programmable options. They are recommended for VARs, Systems Integrators and end users programming the decoded models.

Laser Stand
An optional stand is available for the . The stand lets you mount the at variable positions for hands-free scanning. Users can program the decoded 's laser trigger modes for even greater functionality when using the stand.

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