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Socket CF 56K Modem Card V.92 Handheld Computer

Socket's CF 56K Modem Card V.92 offers business travelers a reliable option for Internet access from mobile devices such as Pocket PCs or Tablet computers through common analog telephone lines, especially in areas where Wi-Fi networks are absent. It uses a CompactFlash interface. Its V.92 modem technology boosts upstream data rates between the user and Internet Service Provider (ISP) to reduce upload time for large files and email attachments. The Modem-On-Hold allows incoming or outgoing calls without disconnecting. Quick Connect, a V.92 feature, shortens the time it takes to make a connection by saving phone line characteristics for later use. The modem also features link and data LEDs and an internal speaker for monitoring connection status.

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  1. MO7007-693 - Socket CF 56K Modem Card V.92 Handheld Computer

    CF 56K Modem Card V.92, CF Modem card, 56Kbps, V.92, Modem-on-Hold, CompactFlash, PCMCIA interface
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