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Socket CF Scan Card 5M Handheld Computer

Socket's CF Scan Card 5M is a CompactFlash scan card that can turn your Pocket PC, Tablet or Notebook PC into an advanced mobile barcode scanner. It brings a new level of convenience and portability to mobile data collection by combining Socket CompactFlash technology with the world's smallest and lightest laser scan engine from Symbol Technologies. State-of-the-art Class 1 laser technology enables the CF Scan Card 5M to read even damaged, poor quality or hard-to-read barcodes. The Socket Floating Trigger for Windows Mobile puts an icon on your Pocket PC screen that you can tap to trigger the scanner. No extra batteries or special power adapter required. CF Scan Card 5M is an energy-efficient adapter card.

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    CF Scan Card 5M, CompactFlash card, PCMCIA kit, Includes Installation utility, SocketScan with keyboard emulation for Palm and Windows Mobile, Socket Floating Trigger for Windows Mobile
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