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model-2513 Socket

Socket Serial I/O PC - Ruggedized Handheld Computer

Socket's Serial I/O PC - Ruggedized is an add-on serial adapter card, which easily adds an RS-232 port to your Windows- or Linux- based devices via PCMCIA (PC Card Type II) slot. It comes with Hi-Speed COM Tools and drivers, which enable users to re-map legacy baud rates to higher speeds, such as 230.4, 460.8, or 921.6 Kbps. The 16550-compatible UART provides internal data buffering to utilize full bandwidth of RS-232 peripherals. The unit also includes a 17" ruggedized fixed cable and molded strain relief with male DB-9 connector attached for harsher industrial applications. Serial I/O PC - Ruggedized features an exclusive battery-friendly design, which maximizes the battery life of your mobile device.

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  1. SL0707-078 - Socket Serial I/O PC - Ruggedized Handheld Computer

    Serial I/O PC - Ruggedized, Serial I/O Card, Fixed cable and molded strain relief, Ruggedized, Asynchronous RS-232, Up to 921 kbps baud rate, 9-Pin D shell male connector, PCMCIA, JEIDA 4.1 interface
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