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model-11306 Symbol

Symbol MiniScan MS2204 Service Contract

This Symbol scanner is eligible for Advanced Exchange Service. With Advanced Exchange, should a problem occur with this scanner that cannot be resolved over the phone, Symbol will same-day ship (if request is processed by 2 PM ET) a new or "like-new" product at their expense. This allows users to substantially reduce or eliminate downtime while reducing costs. The Advanced Exchange also offers comprehensive no-fault coverage, which covers normal wear-and-tear, cosmetic damage, worn or malfunctioning keyboards, worn or broken triggers, and cracks or breaks to the housings, displays, or touch screens. While the standard manufacturer's warranty assures manufacturing quality, it does not cover damage caused by normal wear-and-tear. At new, low pricing the Advanced Exchange Service contract is an extremely popular option, and we highly recommend it to our customers.

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  1. Symbol (4)
  1. SCB-MS220X-10

    Service Contract - 1 year, Service Center Bronze 1 YR
    Free Shipping
  2. SCB-MS220X-30

    Service Contract - 3 year, Service (3 Year, Service Center, MS220X - Bronze) Please Note: your Symbol Service Contract is valid once all information is processed.
    Free Shipping
  3. SXB-MS220X-30

    Service Contract - 3 year, 3-year, comprehensive coverage, advanced exchange service (free overnight replacement) for your MS220X. Available only on new units.
    Free Shipping
  4. AXB-MS220X-10

    Service Contract - 1 year, 1 Year Advanced Exchange INCL Comprehensive Coverage
    Free Shipping

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