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MC55A0, Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g), Bluetooth, 2D Imager, Windows Mobile 6.5, PIM Keyboard, 256MB/1GB Flash, Standard Battery.
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21616 Symbol

MC5040-PK0DBNEA7WR - Symbol MC50 Handheld Computer

MC50, Wireless Enterprise Digital Assistant - 802.11b WLAN, Windows Mobile 2003, 64/64, PICO Imager. Includes soft case (Part# 21-67294-01R). Order cradle, cables & power supply separately. See accessories.
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The MC50 combines a PDA-style design with amazing bar code functionality to improve productivity. The MC50's light weight contains voice and data communication capabilities, WLAN access and advanced data capture options.
  • Deployment-ready systems - Designed to run - out of box - fast and easy
  • Diverse data capture options - Captures information accurately and quickly every time
  • Durable design - Enhances product lifecycle with less downtime than consumer-grade devices
  • Enterprise-level foundation - Combines mobile computing, data capture and wireless networking for a totally integrated solution
  • High-speed CPU performance - Operates enterprise-level applications
  • Mobility Services Platform (MSP) - Reduces TCO with accelerated rollout and ongoing visibility into mobile devices, networks and applications
  • Ready voice over IP (VoIP) - Designed to perform seamless voice communications via push-to-talk, peer-to-peer, PBX connectivity, 1-to-1 or 1-to-many
  • Smart battery - Ensures maximum uptime
  • User-accessible SDIO - Provides technology flexibility while slot with cover improving acoustics
  • User-friendly keypad options - Offers flexible functionality and keypad design for efficient, productive data entry
  • Wireless networking based on the standard IEEE 802.11b (WLAN) - Enables real-time communications and decision-making with secure mobile transactions

Additional Information

RAM Memory 64 MB
Operating System Windows Mobile
Style Phone-size
Display Resolution 240 x 320
Scanner Type Imager
Data Collection Type Wireless
Manufacturer Symbol
Barcode Giant