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model-6740 TCMax

TCMax Asset Management Software

TCMax Asset Management Software was developed to allow a tool crib to quickly issue and turn in tools without having to look at the computer screen. TCMax maintains permanent records of tools and where they were used and tells you who has what tools and where they were used with a single click. Significant design effort was placed on saving keystrokes - TCMax can be used with or without a bar code scanner. Calibration and inspection dates are monitored, all using a single computer screen. Users don't have to switch screens to enter new employees, to enter new tools, to issue, or to turn in tools, saving time. TCMax Asset Management Software is perfect for managing your FEMA and other Homeland Security assets because during an inventory, the software will prompt you if too few or too many tools are found, or if the individual tools present are overdue calibration, overdue inspection, or expired.

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