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LM12PP3 - Teklynx LABEL MATRIX 2012 Bar code Software

LABEL MATRIX 2012, PowerPro Network 3 User-Electronic Delivery
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LABEL MATRIX 2012 is a globally recognized software solution which provides the tools and flexibility to handle all of your labeling applications both now and in the future. It supports more than 1000 thermal and thermal transfer printers.. Lastly, LABEL MATRIX 2012 ensures that labels print exactly as they appear on your screen by providing true WYSIWYG imaging. Software is delivered via download. If you require physical media, such as a CD, a $50 shipping fee is included in your order. Please call for more information.
  • SQL Query Builder: Enables users who are not familiar with the required SQL syntax to create customized SQL statements.
  • Bundle Save: Users have the option to save a label design and any external files used by that design to a single folder. This gives the freedom to quickly port label designs and related files to another workstation.
  • Enhanced RFID capabilities: LABEL MATRIX 8 features an easy-to-use interface for printing and programming RFID tags. With TEKLYNX free DSP utility you can add support for new printers and RFID tags as they become available.
  • TextArt: Offers a full complement of text art features, including shaped text with user-definable sweep angles, rotated characters, and new text fill, outline and shadow options.
  • Label Backgrounds: Single-label layout designs can be saved as label backgrounds and serve as a base layer outline to make the label design process easier. LABEL MATRIX also supports round label formats which are useful for DVD/CD labels.
  • Expansion Variables: Creating an expansion variable shortcut allows users to assign names to value functions, and use the names any place a value or function within an expression would normally be used. This reduces the size of large expressions with significant amounts of repeating code.
  • Live Print Preview: Allows users to see how label designs will look when they are printed, including live variable data in any Keyboard and Database origin images. For labels that contain Keyboard Input data or data from a Keyed Access database, the Print Preview data input screens allow users to select the data/records that appear in the preview.

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