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model-3545 Wasp

Wasp WDI4500 Scanner

Rapidly read 1D (linear) and 2D bar codes with the Wasp WDI4500 bar code scanner. The WDI4500 streamlines data entry, allowing you to instantly add bar code data to spreadsheets, word documents, and databases. Use the WDI4500 to improve efficiency and eliminate data-entry errors in health care, retail, office, shipping and receiving, travel, hospitality, manufacturing, and more. A built-in laser aiming guide ensures that you are scanning the right bar code, even on labels or printed pages with multiple bar codes. Customized programming is easy to implement, and allows you to add information to active documents in the right format for your organization.

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  1. 633808121419 - Wasp WDI4500 Bar code Scanner

    WDI4500, 2D Barcode scanner with USB Cable
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  2. 633808121440 - Wasp WDI4500 Bar code Scanner

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