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model-10663 Webscan

Webscan TruCheck DPM Tower Verifier

The adjustable height off this system makes it perfect for verifying bar codes, whether they are 1D or 2D, when they are recessed or otherwise hard to reach with other verifiers. Simply place your part under the camera head, and adjust the height with the manual turn-wheel while the software detects the laser positioning indicator for perfect focus automatically!
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  1. TC-825

    TruCheck 2D USB DPM Tower, This unit is for a wide range of codes both on print and directly marked parts. Has a field of view of 60mm x 45mm and the min x-dimension is 7.5mil. The unit has Webscan's unique focusing mechanisms, enabling it to verify codes in recessed or hard to get at areas. The DPM Tower can handle both 1D and 2D codes and has lighting suitable for a variety of substrates. Has lighting options of 30, 45, and 90-degree. Must purchase (Part# 4744) or (Part# 5136) calibration card with this verifier.
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