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model-8331 ZBA

ZBA ZB3052 Scanner

The ZBA ZB3052 portable data terminal can be used as a batch data collector, tethered barcode reader or a Bluetooth enabled data collector / scanner. It is small and lightweight and can easily fit into an employees pocket for easy handling. The product uses a powerful laser engine to ensure quick, accurate reads of all popular barcodes. The easy to use PC based Taskgen makes customized programming a snap. Designed for high volume low cost applications, the ZB3052 is the only portable data terminal with an LCD display in its class. With enhanced power management features the ZB3052 provides sufficient battery life to support a multitude of different applications whether at home, in a retail, or an industrial environment.
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  1. Z-1071BT - ZBA Z-1071 Handheld Computer

    Z-1071, Portable Data Collector, Integrated Laser, Bluetooth
    $495.00 $312.00
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  2. ZB3052USB - ZBA ZB 3052 Bar code Scanner

    ZB 3052, Long Range CCD Barcode Reader, 200 Scans Per Second, USB Interface, 2D and RSS Included
    Free Shipping
  3. Z-1071 - ZBA Z-1071 Handheld Computer

    Z-1071, Portable Data Collector, KIT, Integrated CCD
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