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model-3872 ZBA

ZBA Z-6081 Scanner

The Z-6081 in-counter laser scanner from ZBA offers an ultra high-performance solution that is built for extremely high-volume applications. With its dual-laser technology, it scans in 8 directions with 32 scan lines and a scan rate of 2,400 scans per second. Coupled with ZBA proprietary Z-SCAN hardware decoding technology, the unit delivers superb scanning performance for today's retail environment. The device also features barcode stitching technology, an applied logic for deciphering and rebuilding damaged and truncated barcodes, increasing first-pass reads and ensuring high throughput. The instant "objective-fly-by" automatic wake-up reduces power demand and extends scanner life. The easy on-site configuration and upgradeability facilities offer simple setup using either a Windows-based program or a barcode scanning-based guide, with electronically erasable flash memory to ensure easy on-site upgrade.

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  1. Z-6081 - ZBA Z-6081 Fixed Mount Bar code Scanner

    Z-6081, Dual-laser technology, multiple communication interfaces keyboard, RS keyboard, RS -232C, USB.
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