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model-3885 Zebex

Zebex Z-1070 Handheld Computer

The Zebex Z-1070 is a Bluetooth-enabled portable data terminal with superior scanning via CCD or Laser. The built-in, 64-character, 4-line LCD display provides stored information at a glance. Its integrated real-time clock offers automatic time-stamp functionality. The unit also features 32KB non-volatile memory for storage of up to 1000 barcodes along with long-life battery performance with NiMH rechargeable batteries. Its applications include market research, menu ordering, shipping/receiving, event management and more.

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  1. ZBA (1)
Operating System
  1. DOS (1)
Data Collection Type
  1. Batch (1)
RAM Memory
  1. 4.5 MB (1)
Display Resolution
  1. 96 x 49 (1)
  1. Z-1070 - ZBA Z-1070 Handheld Computer

    Z-1070, Portable Data Collection Kit, CCD, USB Cable, Battery
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