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AirTrack Scanner

AirTrack's scanning solutions are the perfect blend of high performance and value. Whether you need to scan off of a smartphone screen or basic product labels, AirTrack scanners will provide the reliability you need without breaking budget.

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  1. AirTrack S1 Scanner

    The S1 is a multi-purpose 1D linear imager scanner that is ideal for retail, light manufacturing, health care, and other industry applications. It is designed as an entry level product created specifically for reading long or truncated barcodes, both of which are commonly encountered
  2. AirTrack S2 Scanner

    The S2 2D imager was specifically created to address the needs of customers in retail, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, and warehousing. Built with omnidirectional reading and an ergonomic design, the performance is unmatched at the affordable price point.
  3. AirTrack SP1

    A true out-of-the-box experience, AirTrack's SP1 Bluetooth companion scanner easily pairs to your computer or mobile device with a push of a button. Confirm every scan with a detailed visual confirmation of every good read. The SP1 scanner has a powerful laser capable of reading all major 1D barcodes. The batch mode allows the companion scanner to store up 100,000 barcodes which can easily be transferred to your computer via Bluetooth or through a USB cable.
  4. AirTrack SP2

    With the SP2 Bluetooth companion scanner your business will be able to read every type of barcode off digital screens and even those damaged or hard-to-read labels. This tiny but powerful AirTrack scanner easily syncs to any mobile device or computer with just the push of a button to send scans straight to your iOS, Android, or Windows device. The aggressive reading technology allows the SP2 to easily read all common 1D and 2D barcodes. Designed with a batch mode that stores up to 100,000 barcodes that can be transferred to a spreadsheet or app via Bluetooth or a USB cable.
  5. AirTrack SP1-C

    Truly pocket sized, AirTrack's SP1-C is only 2.5 inches long and weighs just under an ounce. Offering an impressive memory, the SP1-C can hold up to 20,000 scans. Equipped with a Bluetooth and Batch mode allowing the companion scanner to transmit data to your device simply. If ever out of the Bluetooth's range of 33 feet, the SP1-C will begin storing scans in the internal memory to prevent data loss. Designed with an aggressive linear scan engine, a scan rate of 240 scans per second, and arm's length scan range the SP1-C barcode scanner is truly the smallest and smartest in its class.
  6. AirTrack SR2 Ring Scanner

    The SR2 from AirTrack is a small but durable ring scanner. Encased in a durable 5-foot drop-resistant housing and designed with an IP42 protection against dust and water. Optimized for all-day scanning to provide more comfort than traditional scanners. Designed to streamline the workflow for a range of applications including field service, hospitality, retail and logistics. The superior scan engine is capable of scanning most 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes printed on labels or on mobile device screens.
  7. AirTrack S2-W Scanner

    Ideally suited for workers on the move, the S2-W is equipped with cordless Bluetooth technology that allows individuals to capture data off of barcodes without the cord constraint. The S2-W provides a long distance, stable Bluetooth connection that is compatible with a PC computer or smartphone.
  8. AirTrack S2-P Scanner

    The S2-P 2D imager was specifically created to address the needs of customers in retail, hospitality, entertainment, and other industries. Built with imaging technology and a small footprint, the performance is unmatched at the affordable price point.
  9. AirTrack Bundle

    Connect Pointy with Airtrack scanners to get your products online instantly. Pointy can help your store and products appear higher in search results. Watch your online inventory grow as you scan your products from your store.
  10. Pointy Box Bundle

    The Pointy with Airtrack bundle works to get your products online instantly. Watch your online inventory grow as you scan your products and be set up on Google for local people to find. With the Pointy and Airtrack bundle, it is as easy as 1,2,3. Connect Pointy between your POS and Airtrack scanner and your products will appear online with no data entry needed. Choose between Airtrack's 1D/2D barcode scanner to find one that works best with your needs.

10 Item(s)

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