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model-38 AML

AML M5500 Handheld Computer

The AML M5500 portable data terminal with integrated laser scanner delivers high performance across a wide range of portable data collection applications including inventory control, asset tracking, shipping & receiving, and point-of-sale. Designed to provide superior performance at a budget-friendly price, the M5500 is the best value for virtually any portable data collection application even in the most demanding work environments. The M5500 portable data terminal functions as either a portable terminal or as an in-line keyboard wedge (non-portable), providing you with dual functionality. The M5500 features 256K of expandable RAM plus 2MB of flash memory and includes a serial cable that makes connection easy.

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  1. M5500-LAS-AM5005 - AML M5500 Handheld Computer

    M5500, Kit with AML Integrated Laser. Includes terminal, batteries, manual, serial cable, Application software, & Softcom software.

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