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model-5885 AudioCodes

AudioCodes SmartWORKS NGX

The NGX is designed for tapping behind a proprietary TDM PBX. Residing between the PBX and agent phones, the SmartWORKS NGX's high impedance receivers record both sides of a call without interrupting service. The NGX is available in 8,16, and 24 port configurations. The SmartWORKS API supports a total of 512 channels per system. As a result, the SmartWORKS NGX is ideal for low to high-density environments.

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  1. 910-0700-001 - AudioCodes SmartWORKS NGX

    SmartWORKS NGX, Universal Power supply for the AF Series
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  2. 910-0700-002 - AudioCodes SmartWORKS NGX

    SmartWORKS NGX, for NGX1600-EH, PCI Express
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  3. 910-0700-003 - AudioCodes SmartWORKS NGX

    SmartWORKS NGX, Telecommunication, NGX2400-EH, PCI Express
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