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model-7756 Casio

Casio IT-800 Accessories

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  1. AC-CORD-US - Casio

    Power cord for AC Adapter (AD-S10095A-N, AD-S42120B-N)
    Free Shipping
  2. AD-S15050B-N - Casio

    AC Adapter for IT-800 terminals/DT-X8 and HA-H30CHG (Power cord Not Included)
    Free Shipping
  3. HA-H60IO - Casio

    Communication (USB) and Charging Cradle (with o ac adapter), IT-800
    Free Shipping
  4. DT-380USB - Casio

    USB Cable Between Cradle (Type B) and PC (Type A), HA-B61IO, DT-160IOE, HA-A60IO/A61IO, HA-C61IO, HA-G60IO
    Free Shipping

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