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Asset Tracking Software: for Management and Tracking of Fixed and Mobile Assets

Automating your business’s asset management to improve tracking, auditing, and reporting of assets is required to prevent money lost from lost or stolen assets. Our asset tracking software allows you to assign responsibility to individuals or locations and keep your assets accountable. Our software gives you the ability to track larger, fixed assets or smaller, mobile assets. We have asset tracking software from Wasp and RedBeam that is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. Don’t forget to get a compatible tablet, mobile computer or barcode scanner with your software.

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  1. Wasp Mobile Asset Asset Tracking Software

    Wasp Mobile Asset offers exciting new features and enhancements designed to make managing your assets easier than ever. Mass update allows you to instantly add or update information for a group of assets eliminating time-consuming, individual changes to asset records. Improve efficiency by printing asset, location and employee tags directly from lists. Ensure data integrity with enhanced security, including site-level asset visibility and department-level security settings. With Mobile Asset, you can pinpoint an asset's location to-the-minute, with the ability to set a due-time, in addition to due-date. Mobile Asset also supports check-out with no due date, ideal for assets like PCs that will be indefinitely assigned to an employee. Enterprise editions include: Track and manage assets for multiple companies using multi-tenant feature and also Microsoft SQL Express Database.
  2. Jolly Parts

    Products and parts from Jolly.
  3. Wasp AssetCloud Software Accessories

  4. Gigatrak Training Services

    Gigatrak web training services can help you and your team to get up to speed on all the softwares that they provide.
  5. Gigatrak Tool Tracking Contractor Edition

    With Gigatrak Tool Tracking System you can easily check in and check out tools to employees or locations with a simple barcode scan. You can reduce losses by holding your employee and subcontactors accountable for the tools and equipment that they use. Everything is tracked through a simple barcode scanning system. Schedule maintenance, track repairs, calculate depreciation, and keep historical data- trail on usage.
  6. Gigatrak Tool Tracking Cloud

    Track your tools to a person or location and know what is available in stock at all times. Save time and money by eliminating manual processes. Check in and out to locations, employees, or containers. Hosted in the cloud, you can perform audits, set due dates upon check outs, and track maintenance schedules and repairs.
  7. Gigatrak Tool Tracking RFID System

    With Gigatrak Tool Tracking RFID System you can reduce loss from theft of assets such as laptops and tools. Get accurate real-time insight into the movement of parts and materials enables more efficient production. Furthermore, to improve utilization of assets so items won't be left unused. And to increase productivity in your operation so time is not wasted to search for assets or equipment.
  8. Gigatrak Package Tracking Cloud

    Gigatrak's Package Tracking System is simple, effective, and quick to implement. Create storage and delivery locations with barcode tracking system to receive, transfer, and deliver each package. The power to follow the trail of incoming registered mail and packages after they are receipted. So you will know who has it, where it is, and when it was last handled.
  9. Gigatrak Document Tracking Cloud

    Gigatrak's Document Tracking System is a flexible solution for any organizations that needs to track documents and materials assigned to a person or a location. Know where your documents are and be able to retrieve them when its necessary. Insurance firms, law offices, government agencies, corporations, and more can benefit a document tracking system. Use barcodes to identify employees, locations, and materials items. Simple, effective, and quick to implement.
  10. Wasp AssetCloudOp Basic

    Wasp on premise asset software makes tracking simple and painless, allowing you to end spreadsheet nightmares, stop wasting valuable time, and avoid costly assets. It provides users the ability to immediately locate assets, ending the time consuming in search for lost items and eliminates the unnecessary replacement of missing assets. AssetCloudOP software allow the customer to make the best business decisions relating assets with assigned due dates. Alerts can be set to send reminders about upcoming and past due assets. You can choose a basic or complete solution. Featuring asset tracking by site, location, department, asset tag and serial numbers. Ideal for IT assets (laptops, mobile devices, servers), tools and equipment, machinery, furniture, files and document.

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