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model-192 Cherry

Cherry G83-6744 Keyboard

Thanks to the secure PIN entry (class 2 reader) and the EMC certification, you can assume that your data will be transmitted securely, with the Cherry G83-6744 Keyboard Whether you are paying with a smart card, encrypting your files, signing documents, or just logging onto the network, with the USB keyboard SmartBoard G83-6744 you're always on the safe side.

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  1. G836744LUAUS2

    G83-6744, SmartBoard (Full Size, 104-Key, USB, Smart Card Top, Omnikey X Chip and PC/SC EMV Compliant) - Color: Black
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  2. G83-6744LUZUS-2

    G83-6744, SmartBoard (Full Size, 104 key, USB, Smart Card, PC/SC EMV Compliant and FIPS) - Color: Black
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