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Cognex Barcode Readers

Cognex Corporation is a leading provider of vision systems, vision software, vision sensors and surface inspection systems used in manufacturing automation. Cognex is also a leader in industrial ID readers. Cognex vision helps companies improve product quality, eliminate production errors, lower manufacturing costs, and exceed consumer expectations for high quality products at an affordable price. Typical applications for machine vision include detecting defects, monitoring production lines, guiding assembly robots, and tracking, sorting and identifying parts.

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  1. Cognex Parts

  2. Cognex DataMan 260 Series Compact Fixed-mount Barcode Reader

    Achieve the highest possible read rate with the DataMan 260 Series fixed-mount barcode readers. The image-based barcode readers deliver unprecedented performance, flexibility and ease-of-use for 1D linear barcodes, high-density 2D matrix codes or direct part mark codes. Designed with the technology to decode damaged or poorly printed barcodes. Offering straight or right-angled configurations to fit into the tightest of spaces making installation simple.
  3. Cognex DataMan 70 Series Compact Fixed-mount Barcode Reader

    The DataMan 70 Series from Cognex is a compact fixed-mount barcode reader providing the highest read rates on 1D and 2D barcodes. Designed with an advanced image formation and a small footprint, the DataMan 70 is the perfect solution for slow-moving or high-speed manufacturing and logistics applications. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the compact design and flexibility eliminates the need for equipment redesign.
  4. Cognex DataMan 150 Series Compact Fixed-mount Barcode Reader

    Cognex's DataMan 150 Series of fixed-mount barcode scanners can achieve the highest possible read rates thanks to a high-speed, dual core processing engine that runs the latest Cognex algorithms. Simplify installation in tight spaces with the straight or right-angled configurations to fit into even the tightest of spaces.
  5. Cognex DataMan 470 Series Compact Fixed-mount Barcode Reader

    Cognex's DataMan 470 Series of Fixed-Mount barcode readers are the solution to complex, high-throughput manufacturing and logistics applications. Designed with seven powerful processing cores to enable the fixed scanner to run multiple algorithms and processes in parallel at astonishing speeds. Capable of reading challenging 1D and 2D barcode in varied locations as well as multiple mixed symbologies concurrently while maintaining the highest decode rates.
  6. Cognex DataMan 8050 Series Compact Fixed-mount Barcode Reader

    Equipped with Cognex's world-class barcode reading algorithms the DataMan 8050 Series was designed to withstand harsh factory floor conditions. The best-in-class algorithms decode even the most challenging barcodes quickly and easily. With a flexible modular design that ensures the DataMan 8050 barcode scanner to be ready to meet the ever changing communication needs. The Cognex barcode scanner features field interchangeable communication modules and enable one reader to be configures to meet specific communication needs to support corded RS-232, USB and Ethernet option as well as cordless options such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  7. Cognex DataMan 150 Series Accessories

  8. Cognex DataMan 370 Series Compact Fixed-mount Barcode Reader

    With twice the computing power of conventional readers in its class, Cognex's DataMan 370 Series delivers faster decode speeds for greater throughput per facility. Designed with the latest decoding algorithms that include new 1D/2D Auto-Discrimination that helps ensure fast and superior read rate performance. With a multi-core processor that enables the DataMan 370 to run these algorithms and processes in parallel to result in two time the performance and power of comparable high-performance readers. Using HDR imaging technology to capture single images that are 16 times more detailed than conventional sensors.
  9. Cognex DataMan 8070 Series Compact Fixed-mount Barcode Reader

    Cognex's DataMan 8070 Series of barcode scanners include Direct Part Mark (DPM) and extended-range models. The powerful barcode reading performance challenges DPM and label-based code applications on a wide variety of surfaces and marking methods. Designed with the latest patented technology, advanced lighting options, and modular communications, the DataMan 8070 Series is the ideal solution for aerospace, automotive, medical device, and logistics industries.
  10. Cognex DataMan 8600 Series Compact Fixed-mount Barcode Reader

    Cognex's DataMan 8600 Series are imaged-based ID readers that provide the world's most advanced barcode reading technology for decoding Direct Part Mark, 2D, and 1D barcodes. Designed for the harshest factory floor environments, the DataMan 8600 comes equipped with an advanced liquid lens imaging system and patented UltraLight flexible lighting technology. The modular design supports corded RS-232 Serial, USB, and Ethernet options, as well as cordless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options to ensure the DataMan 8600 series are ready to meet you application needs.

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