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model-699 Dymo

Dymo RhinoPRO 3000 Printer

With its intuitive, simple interface, the Dymo RhinoPRO 3000 will save you time every time you reach for it. It has a 13-character display. With super strong adhesives that stick and last in heavy-duty environments, RhinoPro tapes attach to curved, textured, and highly textured surfaces. Use flexible nylon or heat shrink tube labels for wire and cable marking, permanent polyester for a variety of flat and textured surfaces and metallized permanent polyester for asset tagging and other general identification applications. RhinoPRO 3000 prints on three label widths: 1/4" (6 mm), 3/8" (9 mm), and 1/2" (12 mm).

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  1. Dymo (2)
  1. 15605 - Dymo RhinoPRO 3000 Portable Bar code Printer

    RhinoPRO 3000, TT labeler. Includes: RhinoPRO 3000, impact-resistant rubber bumper, one 1/2" (12 mm) wide flexible nylon tape and User Manual. Color Orange
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  2. 18189 - Dymo RhinoPRO 3000 Portable Bar code Printer

    RhinoPRO 3000, Hard Case Kit. Includes everything you need to run your RhinoPRO 3000: TT labeler, labels (2 packages), batteries (6 AA) and an AC power adapter plus a case to protect your printer in an industrial or rugged environment.
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