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model-779 Elo

Elo Entuitive 2125C Touch screen

For delivering the best possible optics on a touch CRT, there is nothing better than the uniqueElo iTouch touch-on-tube technology. No overlay means 100% of the brightness, picture quality, and color purity are preserved, with up to 80% less reflection than the competition. The touch is super sensitive, drift free and extremely precise as you are touching even closer to the image. If you want a touch CRT, you need to look no further.

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  1. Elo (2)
  1. 074698-000

    Entuitive 2125C, 21" iTouch (capacitive), with serial controller, black.
  2. C37655-000

    Entuitive 2125C, 21" iTouch (capacitive), with USB controller, black.

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