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model-10117 ePadLink

ePadLink ePad Vision Signature Pad

ePad Vision lets you customize your e-signature capture screen with full-color graphics and create unique backgrounds just as you would with personalized checks. IntegriSign Desktop, bundled with every ePad-vision, securely binds and encrypts the signature into the document. The ePad Vision also allows you to get closer to your customers with the the bi-directional, interactive display that permits users to accept compliance and affirmation text, as well as respond to onscreen customer surveys. With the ePad Vision you can leverage the ability to use response buttons and check boxes to capture useful and actionable customer information.
  • Provides total control over customizing the LCD dispaly output to match whatever your business needs
  • Modify compliance & affirmation text
  • Select an esignature background image
  • Upload rotating marketing slicks
  • Change the esignature color, thickness, and location
  • Firmware, passive stylus, and writing surface can be easily and inexpensively replaced in-field
  • Bundled with IntegriSign Desktop software which offers plug-ins for capturing esignatures in Acrobat, Word, Excel, and Outlook documents
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  1. VP9808 - ePadLink ePad Vision Signature Pad

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