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model-6837 Fujitsu

Fujitsu TeamPoS 3000 XL2 POS Terminal

If you require a high-performance POS terminal that will grow with your retail business, the Fujitsu TeamPoS 3000 XL2 delivers. This powerful system features state-of-the-art mobile dual-core technology and a host of other features designed to drive down your total cost of ownership. From standalone point-of-sale to mission-critical applications such as loyalty, merchandising, and customer relationship management, the Fujitsu TeamPoS 3000 XL2 meets the demanding needs of today's Pervasive Retailing environment.

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  1. Fujitsu (7)
  1. LY685201W46000R

    TeamPoS 3000 XL2, TeamPoS 3000 SL2 (with Depot Warranty)
  2. LY575201W06000R

    TeamPoS 3000 XL2, CR TP3 TeamPoS 3000 XL2 (with Depot Warranty)
  3. HY575201W06000R

    TeamPoS 3000 XL2, (CR with Depot Warranty)
  4. HY7752B0606000R

    TeamPoS 3000 XL2, (1.8GBCORE2, 80GBHDD, RAID, Windows XP Pro, DEPOT Warranty) - Color: Black
  5. HY7952B0606000R

    TeamPoS 3000 XL2 (1.8GHz, DUO T7100, 2.0GB, RAID, Windows XP Pro, DEPOT Warranty) - Color: Black
  6. HY685201W46000R

    TeamPoS 3000 XL2, (CTR, H/2.2/WE/CBWO, Depot Warranty)
  7. LM3242B1626000R

    TeamPoS 3000 XL2, TeamPoS 3000XL (with Depot Warranty CTR TP3 /1.6/512/8/1/XP/CR0)

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