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HID EasyLobby Software

HID EasyLobby Software

HID EasyLobby enhances security and professionalism with better control. By accurately capturing detailed visitor information in seconds, without typing, EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management software allows organizations of any size or in any line of business to robustly manage who is allowed to enter the building, when and for what purposes.
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  • Enhances the professionalism of an organization by streamlining the visitor check-in process and providing high quality badges for all visitors.
  • Improves security by enabling organizations to identify exactly who is in their facilities and the reason why. Allows users to create watch lists and screen against unwanted visitors.
  • Captures detailed visitor information more accurately and distinguishes between different categories of visitors.
  • Performs analysis/reporting on visitor data across multiple locations.
  • Affordable, easy to use and simple to install.
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  1. HID EasyLobby Software
    Part #: EL-AL-2941 | SKU: HID229420

    Price: $155.67
    In Stock
  2. HID EasyLobby Software
    Part #: EL-98000-EADV10 | SKU: HID209018

    eAdvance (web pre-registration) per web server
    MSRP: $4,345.72 Price: $3,533.06
  3. HID EasyLobby Software
    Part #: EL-96200-SAT | SKU: HID209016

    Satellite (check point station) per workstation
    Price: $887.53
  4. HID EasyLobby Software
    Part #: EL-SOS-NONK12 | SKU: HID217415

    Sex Offender screening (per station) non K12 schools
    Price: $898.43
  5. HID EasyLobby Software
    Part #: EL-CUST | SKU: HID217414

    Government denied-party screening service One year subscription
    Price: $4,991.25
  6. HID Services and Licenses Products
    Part #: EL-K12-SVM | SKU: HID209031

    1 copy of SVM software, includes Free Administrator software (admin/reporting)
    MSRP: $1,996.50 Price: $1,623.15
  7. HID Services and Licenses Products
    Part #: EL-EADV-UPGRD | SKU: HID209027

    eAdvance software upgrade to latest version
    Price: $2,750.00
  8. HID EasyLobby Software
    Part #: EL-96300-ADM10 | SKU: HID209017

    Administrator (additional licenses) per workstation
    Price: $530.00
  9. HID Services and Licenses Software
    Part #: EL-SVM10-UPGRD | SKU: HID209037

    Services and Licenses, SVM software upgrade to SVM10
    Price: $2,200.00
  10. HID EasyLobby Software
    Part #: EL-SOS-K12 | SKU: HID209682

    EasyLobby, Sex offender screening service per year per system
    Price: $465.85

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  • HID EasyLobby Barcode Label
    Part #: EL-AT-2991 | SKU: HID209023

    Removable stickers for prox cards (300), for DYMO
    Price: $26.62
    In Stock
  • HID Services and Licenses Signature Pad
    Part #: EL-TOP-1X5 | SKU: HID209038

    Services and Licenses, Topaz SignatureGem LCD 1x5 SigPad (signature block only)
    Price: $375.00
    In Stock
  • HID EasyLobby Webcam
    Part #: EL-LOG-C920 | SKU: HID346745

    Logitech Full HD 1080p Quickcam Web Camera C920
    Price: $290.40
  • HID Services and Licenses Products
    Part #: EL-ITC-DCM | SKU: HID209029

    Intellicheck Driver's License Reader
    Price: $2,129.60
  • HID EasyLobby Barcode Scanner
    Part #: EL-AST-ID150 | SKU: HID209021

    AssureTec ID-150 (reads both sides of driver's license, data and photo capture)
    Price: $2,129.60

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