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Honeywell CN80 Service Contract

Honeywell CN80 Service Contract

Starting at: $25.69
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  1. Honeywell CN80 Mobile Computer
    Part #: CN80-L0N-1EN122F | SKU: HON512719

    CN80, 3GB, 32GB, Numeric, 6603ER Extended Range Imager, No Camera, 802.11 a/b/g/n, WLAN, Bluetooth, Android 7 GMS, Client Pack, Cold Storage, FCC, Scan distance is from contact to 2.5'. Interface cables and cradles sold separately: Single Bay Charging Base (Part# CN80-HB-CNV-1), Quad Bay Charging Base (Part# CN80-CB-CNV-1), Single Standard Battery (Part# CX80-BAT-STD-00), Quad Bay Battery Charger (Part# CX80-QBC-UV-1), Scan Handle (Part# CN80-SH-DC).
    MSRP: $3,393.80 Price: $2,496.49
    In Stock
  2. BCI True Support Service Contract
    Part #: TRUESUPPORT-STD-MOB-1YR | SKU: BCI665138

    TrueSupport Standard Plan for Mobile Computers & Tablets - 1 Year – Includes: Plan Design & Deploy Project management, Device Staging Kitting & Provisioning, Hardware and Software Help Desk Support, RMA Triage, OEM Service Contract mgmt., MDM Administration Services.
    Price: $141.90
  3. Honeywell Dolphin CN80 Service Contract
    Part #: SVCCN80-2FC2R | SKU: HON513335

    MSRP: $367.40 Price: $299.72
  4. Honeywell Service Contract
    Part #: SVCSENTINEL-MOB1 | SKU: HON595755

    Sentinel Service, 1 Year Android Support Contract
    Price: $25.69
  5. Honeywell Service Contract
    Part #: SVC2DAYDEPOT-MOB1 | SKU: HON617346

    Edge Service Add-On, 2-Day Depot Upgrade, 1-Year Agreement, Requires purchase of a 1-Year Gold Maintenance Contract.
    MSRP: $37.17 Price: $33.05
  6. Honeywell CN80 Service Contract
    Part #: SVCCN80-SG3N | SKU: HON539264

    CN80, Edge Service, Gold, 5 Day, 3 Year, New Contract
    MSRP: $405.09 Price: $298.46
  7. Honeywell CN80 Service Contract
    Part #: SVCCN80-SP1R | SKU: HON539266

    CN80, Edge Service, Platinum, 2 Day, 5 Year, Renewal
    MSRP: $380.99 Price: $280.70
  8. Honeywell CN80 Service Contract
    Part #: SVCCN80-SG5N | SKU: HON539265

    CN80, Edge Service, Gold, 5 Day, 5 Year, New Contract
    MSRP: $677.61 Price: $499.25
  9. Honeywell Service Contracts Service Contract
    Part #: SVCACC-MOB1 | SKU: HON539217

    AddOn, Edge Service, Accessory Service , Mobility, 1 Year
    MSRP: $66.84 Price: $50.39
  10. Honeywell Service Contracts Service Contract
    Part #: MOB4-REPAIR | SKU: HON402781

    Flat Rate Repair fee for 9900ni, 99EXni, MX7CS, MX9H, and TectonCS. This charge is for any required repair not covered by warranty or comprehensive service.
    MSRP: $1,195.33 Price: $1,166.16

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