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model-977 Honeywell

Honeywell MS1633 FocusBT Scanner

Packed with features, the Honeywell MS1633 FocusBT is making waves across industries such as retail, healthcare, and warehousing. Ominidirectional 2D imaging means that you can pick up codes from any direction. Even when you go beyond the range of the MS1633 FocusBT's Bluetooth cordless radio, the codes you scan will be stored within the unit and unloaded automatically when you get back in range. The MS1633 FocusBT is extremely versatile. It can decode 1D, 2D, RSS, PDF417, microPDF, EAN/UCC Composite, Matrix and Postal Codes.

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  1. MK1633-61B05

    MS1633 FocusBT, Kit with USB Bluetooth dongle, stand and US power supply. Color: Black. Formerly listed as MS1633-61B05.
    Free Shipping
  2. MK1633-61B40

    MS1633 FocusBT, IBM PoweredUSB kit, with Bluetooth dongle, cradle stand and US power supply. Color: Black. Formerly listed as MS1633-61B40. Call to purchase.
    Free Shipping
  3. MK1633-60B538

    MS1633 FocusBT, USB Kit: standard range, Dark gray scanner (MS1633-5), Class 2 (10m) Bluetooth access point (AP-010-Bluetooth), 1.9m straight USB Type A cable (55-55535-N-3), charger (46-00358), spare battery (70-72018), US power supply (46-46915) and documentation
    Free Shipping
  4. MK1633-60B541

    MS1633 FocusBT, Scanner (Access Port, RS-232, No Stand, No Power supply and No Driver Req.) - Color: Dark gray
    Free Shipping
  5. MK1633-60B547

    MS1633 FocusBT, Scanner (Access Port, Keyboard wedge, No Stand, No Power Suppler and No Driver Req) - Color: Dark gray
    Free Shipping
  6. MK1633-61B05-12

    MS1633 FocusBT, Scanner (Bluetooth, Dongle Focus and Loaded with EasyID)
    Free Shipping
  7. MK1633-61B40-12

    MS1633 FocusBT, Modem (USB HID Focus Bluetooth Loaded with EasyID)
    Free Shipping
  8. MK1633-60B638

    MS1633 FocusBT, Scanner (Cordless with AP-100-Bluetooth, Bluetooth AccessPoint Kit, Power supply and No Stand)
    Free Shipping
  9. MK1633-61B538-HA

    MS1633 FocusBT, Scanner (Access PT, USB, Power supply, Stand and Health care Software Loaded)
    Free Shipping
  10. MK1633-60C538

    MS1633 FocusBT, Scanner (USB Kit, Euro Kit, Standard RNG Laser, Class2) - Color: Dark gray
    Free Shipping

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