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model-1382 Intermec

Intermec 501XP Accessories

The 501XP Accessories include power and data transmission cables and adapters.
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  1. 067881

    Twinax Interface Card for the 501X and 601X
    Free Shipping
  2. 068860

    External Power supply (110 VAC) for the EasyCoder 501 Printer
    Free Shipping
  3. 1-010558-00

    Industrial Interface Card (Plus 1xRS-232C) for the 501XP Printer
    Free Shipping
  4. 1-040551-010

    Cutter Unit (for the 501, 501E and 501XP)
    Free Shipping
  5. 1-040553-00

    Centronics Parallel Interface Card for the 501 Printer
    Free Shipping
  6. 1-040558-00

    Interface Card (Industrial) for 501E-501SA Printers
    Free Shipping
  7. 1-040559-00

    Label Taken Sensor for the 501E, 501S, 501X and 601X Printers
    Free Shipping
  8. 1-960426-04

    Installation and Operation Manual for the EasyCoder 501XP and 601XP Printers
    Free Shipping
  9. 1-972010-14

    Replacement Eprom for the 501S and 501E Printers
    Free Shipping
  10. 1-010554-00

    Dual RS-232 Serial Card for the 501XP, 601XP, F2 and F4 Printers
    Free Shipping

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