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model-1249 Intermec

Intermec LabelShop Bar code Software

Intermec LabelShop comes in three versions: Start, Ultra and Pro. LabelShop START provides basic label design functions, text, bar code, graphics, sequential numbering and keyboard input data, and comes free with all Intermec printers. LabelShop ULTRA and PRO provide a range of additional features to perform labeling tasks for every possible situation. LabelShop PRO is also available in Network versions for 5 or up to 50 users. Intermec's LabelShop ULTRA and PRO versions support ODBC for accessing existing corporate databases. This is valuable to ensure up to the minute information is printed on all bar code labels. This eliminates extra steps in the label design process as well as possibility of errors or outdated pricing or part numbers.
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  1. 474-090-001

    LabelShop, ULTRA, USB, US/ROW
    $445.00 $264.26
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  2. 474-145-001

    LabelShop, Pro (Net 5 User, USB, US/Row)
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  3. 5-LS02011

    LabelShop, Pro (Runtime, USB Key, English)
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  4. 474-104-001

    LabelShop, Pro, Usb, Us/Row 8.20
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  5. 474-117-001

    LabelShop, PRO Runtime, USB, US/ROW
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  6. 474-131-001

    LabelShop, ULTRA/PRO dist kit, USB, US/RO
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  7. 474-159-001

    LabelShop, PRO Net 10 user, USB, US/ROW
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  8. 5-162102

    LabelShop, (ERP for SAP R/3, Standard Single User V.5.02)
    Free Shipping
  9. 474-173-001

    LabelShop, PRO Net 25 user, USB, US/ROW
    Free Shipping
  10. 5-163000

    LabelShop, XML Label (Includes CD and Manual - Requires Label Shop Pro)
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