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model-1251 Intermec

Intermec SF51 Scanner

The Intermec SF51 is a small, industrial handheld scanner that fits comfortably into the user's hand, yet rugged enough to endure multiple drops and withstand harsh environments. The SF51 will connect wirelessly to a variety of fixed and mobile computer equipment using a low power Bluetooth radio link. The SF51 offers ease of configuration, simple one-button operation, long battery life, snappy decode performance, and general user friendliness.

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  1. Intermec (22)
Form Factor
  1. Handheld (1)
  1. Cordless (14)
  1. Rugged (1)
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  1. Laser (1)
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  1. Bluetooth (1)
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  1. Scanner Only - No Cable (1)
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  1. 270-099-002

    SF51, Cordless Scanner Kit (SF51C02100, Charger, Power supply, Bluetooth, USB ADP and NA/EMEA Radio)
    Free Shipping
  2. 225-713-001

    SF51, Cordless scanner, SF51A02100, Keyport Lite, Power supply, Charger, Bluetooth, NA/EMEA radio
    Free Shipping
  3. 270-103-002

    SF51, Cordless Scanner Kit (SF51C02100, Charger, Power supply and NA/EMEA Radio)
    Free Shipping
  4. 270-106-002

    SF51, Cordless Scanner Kit (SF51C02100, Keyport Lite, Power supply, Charger and Bluetooth)
    Free Shipping
  5. SF51C02100

    SF51, Cordless Scanner (with Belt Clip - for Sale in NA and EMEA)
    Free Shipping
  6. SF51A02100

    SF51, Scanner Only, PDF417 Scanning, Belt Clip
    Free Shipping
  7. 270-099-004

    Kit, SF51C02100, Charger, Lvl V Power supply, Bluetooth USB Adp
    Free Shipping
  8. 270-099-001

    SF51, Cordless Scanner Kit, with charger, power supply, Bluetooth interface, USB ADP.
    Free Shipping
  9. 270-106-001

    SF51, Cordless Scanner Kit with Keyport Lite, power supply, charger and Bluetooth interface
    Free Shipping
  10. 270-103-004

    Kit, SF51C02100, CHARGER, LVL V PS
    Free Shipping

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