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model-10313 Juniper

Juniper J-Care

Juniper J-Care services combines traditional support with the power of automation and personalised service.
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  1. Juniper (461)
  1. SV3-ND-J2350

    J-Care, 3 year PrePaid NextDay FOR J2350 J-Care SUPPORT
    Free Shipping
  2. SVC-2-ND-S3000B-M

    J-Care, Continuity NextDay Serial. forS3000B-M (250-500 users)
    Free Shipping
  3. SV3-ND-J6350

    J-Care, 3 year PrePaid NextDay FOR J6350 J-CARE SUPPORT
    Free Shipping
  4. SV3-ND-J6350-WXC-ISM

    J-Care, 3 year Prepaid NextDay Support for J6350
    Free Shipping
  5. SVC-1-COR-CMS50

    J-Care, Efficiency Core Service for CMS 50 Devices
    Free Shipping
  6. SV3-ND-SSG320

    J-Care, 3 year PrePaid NextDay FOR SSG320 J-CARE SUPPORT
    Free Shipping
  7. SVC-COR-WXC250-H

    J-Care, Core Support for WXC250-H (1M-2M) J-CARE
    Free Shipping
  8. SV3-ND-WXC590-H

    J-Care, 3 year PrePaid NextDay WXC590-H (20M-45M) J-Care SUPPORT
    Free Shipping
  9. SVC-3-ND-J4350

    J-Care, Agility NextDay Service for J4350
    Free Shipping
  10. SVC-COR-WXC2600-H

    Free Shipping

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