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model-1653 LXE

LXE Headsets

The LXE headsets has been specifically designed for voice recognition applications as well as ruggedness and ease of use. LXE headsets are freezer-ready, with an operating temperature range between -40 & deg, C to +60 & deg, C and feature a noise-cancelling, waterproof microphone, suitable for dry, cooler or freezer use. They have a quick disconnect feature that allows the headset to be removed quickly for safety or convenience. Their dual sound port microphone design, facilitates increased cancellation of ambient noise.

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  1. LXE (2)
  1. HX1501HEADSET - LXE HS1

    HS1, ToughTalk HS1, Single ear, single over-the-head headband
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  2. HX3602HEADSET - LXE HS4

    HS4, ToughTalk HS4, Rugged, single ear, dual padded over-the-head headband
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