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model-1662 LXE

LXE MX6 Accessories

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  1. 9200L67 - LXE

    Holster Belt for MX6
    Free Shipping
  2. MX6A310PSACWW - LXE

    Desktop Cradle Power supply
    Free Shipping
  3. MX6A511STYLUS - LXE

    Stylus Kit With Tether, 3 Pack For MX6
    Free Shipping
  4. MX6A057CBL3IND9MD9M - LXE

    Adapter Cable (7.5 Adapter Cable that Converts MX6 Cradles D9F to D9M) for the MX6
    Free Shipping

    Case (for Imager with Handle Opern Front with Shoulder Strap) for the MX6
    Free Shipping
  6. MX6A308PSACWW - LXE

    Charge/Comm Cable Power supply (No Power Cable Included) for the MX6
    Free Shipping
  7. MX6A380BATT - LXE

    MXD (Main Battery, Lithium Ion)
    Free Shipping

    Open Front Case (No Plastic Covering) for the MX6 with Handle
    Free Shipping
  9. MX6A054CBLD17RS232 - LXE

    Charge-Comm Interface Cable (RS-232) for the MX6
    Free Shipping
  10. 990013-0032-R - LXE

    Mobile Base Direct Connect Power cord (for the MX6)
    Free Shipping

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