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model-1668 MagTek

MagTek MagneSafe m20 Card Reader

With the MagTek MagneSafe m20 secure reader, the card data is not only captured in a single swipe, but is also encrypted at the moment of swipe. This enables dozens of transactions to be stored with a single reader. The encrypted information can then later be transferred to a PC, where an application can retrieve the transactions to reconcile orders, verify amounts, and process transactions. With security features that exceed the current requirements for card data protection and transaction security, the MagneSafe m20 offers the convenience demanded by today's on-the-go retailers

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  1. 21073034 - MagTek MagneSafe m20 Credit Card Swipe Reader

    MagneSafe m20, Three-track reading and USB interface. See accessories for cable. This is considered a custom item: Purchasers must supply encryption. 50 unit minimum purchase, $15 encryption fee per unit. Please Call for more information.
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