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model-1841 Microscan

Microscan Quadrus EZ Accessories

Microscan Quadrus EZ Accessories

Cables, Power Supplies, Mounting accessories, Software, and Manuals
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IB-880 Interface Box The IB-880 Interface Box is an optional wiring accessory for the MS-880 scanner. The interface box is easy to wire, and makes switching scanners on the line as easy as removing only 4 standard screws. Using the IB-880 allows external devices such as light stacks, hand held scanners or stop-line devices, to be connected and controlled by the scanner. Download Specifications

IB-105 The IB-105 (interface box), available in five options, is a junction that provides connectivity between the MS-710 scanner, the host or LAN, power input, and trigger devices. The box has an internal relay contact (1 watt), a new master pin button to allow input of master label data, a default switch, a power switch, and a mode switch to toggle between RS-232 and RS-422 or 485 (depending on option). Download Specifications

IB-131 The IB-131 interface box simplifies scanner connection for the MS-911 and MS-820 scanners by providing a direct 10-28V connection to the host, power supply, and external triggering device. The IB-131 may be used in single drop, multidrop, or daisy chain configurations. Download Specifications

Keyboard Wedge The wedge allows you to bypass the usual RS-232 port connection and input scanned data to a host via the keyboard line. It is physically inserted between the keyboard, scanner, and host. Scanned data appears to the host as if it were typed in from the keyboard. The wedge is ideal for automated manufacturing and office applications where bar code input is easier and quicker than typing. Download User Manual

Power Packs The Microscan Power Packs are used to power Microscan equipment. The Power Packs are available in seven different configurations.

Object Detector The Microscan Object Detector Kit includes an infrared photo detector complete with cable, connector, mounting bracket, and screws. When installed and connected to a Microscan scanner or decoder, it is used to detect objects within its range and send triggers that initiate read cycles.

Adapter Box The Adapter Box (ADP) is a junction that provides connectivity between the MS-3 scanner, the host or LAN, power input, and trigger devices. The Adapter Box is also compatible with the MS-610.

Mounting Plates The Microscan scanner mounting plates are designed for the easy attachment of scanners in your particular application. The mounting plates are a flat attachment with pre-drilled holes that align with specified scanners. Mounting plate kits include required mounting hardware.

Auxiliary Lighting In many bar code applications, such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics, auxiliary lighting can be helpful, or even essential for increasing contrast and readability of symbols. Each light has different illumination characteristics which suit them to different application requirements. All of the lights offered here are made to industrial-grade standards to withstand wear and tear, dust, and other harsh environmental conditions. Download Specifications

Mounting Arms The Microscan mounting arm is a robust device for mounting unattended bar code scanners in virtually any environment, including industrial applications. The arm is made of marine-grade powder-coated aluminum. The ball (which forms the joint) is made of injection-molded rubber, which grips the mount firmly in place and minimizes any movement or vibration to the scanner. Mounting arms can be rotated almost any direction, allowing for flexible positioning of your bar code scanner. Download Specifications

Right Angle Mirrors Right angle beam projection is available for the MS-520, MS-610, and MS-710 scanners. This accessory is useful where alternative mounting is necessary, particularly in tight places and where a wider scan width is required at shorter ranges.

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  1. 97-000012-02 - Microscan

    Power supply (100-240 VAC, +24VDC, track 3Pin, USA/Euro Plug)
    Price: $168.00
    Ship Free in 3-5 Days
  2. 61-000034-02 - Microscan

    Cable, Comm/Serial, 25pin Socket to 9pin Socket, 6 ft
    Price: $34.00
    Ship Free in 3-5 Days
  3. 20-500013-01 - Microscan

    Price: $722.00
    Ship Free in 3-5 Days
  4. 20-610024-01 - Microscan

    Trigger Connector, 4-Pin Plug (screw terminal and field wireable) (self wiring)
    Price: $38.00
    Ship Free in 3-5 Days
  5. 20-610020-01 - Microscan

    Pwr Conn, 3pin Sckt (screw term and field wireable for custom wiring into IB-131)
    Price: $38.00
    Ship Free in 3-5 Days
  6. 98-000037-01 - Microscan

    Mounting Arm Extension Kit, 6", all readers
    Price: $68.00
    Ship Free in 3-5 Days
  7. 98-000046-01 - Microscan

    Large Base Plate, 12"x12"
    Price: $50.00
    Ship Free in 3-5 Days
  8. 61-100029-01 - Microscan

    IB-131 daisy chain cable, 1-ft
  9. 61-100030-02 - Microscan

    IB-131 multidrop cable, 10-ft
  10. 20-570006-34 - Microscan

    Wedge to PC cable for IBM PS/2 keyboards

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