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Newland Scanners & Mobile Computing

Newland specializes in products and solutions in the Auto-ID industry. With over 15 years of non-stop research in 2D barcode reading technology, Newland has become a well-known expert in the global market. Newland commits themselves to delivering the best products and services.

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  1. Newland FM100

    The FM100 is a compact and easy to integrate fixed scanner. The small form factor enables an easy integration into various solutions such as kiosks, ticketing machines, reverse vending machines, and many more. The scanner supports all global standard 1D barcodes and the reading performance exceeds global standards.
  2. Newland FM430

    The FM430 combines IR sensors and light sensors which helps exhibit an improved sensitivity in activating the scanner to scan barcodes as they are presented, to achieve higher throughput and productivity. The sensor in the FM430 automatically adjusts the supplementary lighting duration based on the light reflected off the barcode.
  3. Newland FM3056

    The FM3056 comes equipped with Newland's fifth-generation UIMG technology, making it capable of reading on-screen barcodes even when the screen is covered with protective film. The advanced NLDC technology incorporated in the scanner helps reduce the power consumption and prolong the service life of the device.
  4. Newland HR1250

    The HR1250 is an ergonomic scanner that fits comfortably in any user's hands. The lightweight design reduces the fatigue of long-time operation in scan-intensive applications. With a speed rate of up to 300 scans per second the HR1250 helps boost productivity and profitability.
  5. Newland HR1150 Plus

    The HR1150 Plus is optimized for fast scanning of barcodes printed on paper or displayed on screen. The scanner is designed with the operator in mind to ensure comfort and productivity even in intensive scanning environments. Delivers outstanding scanning performance of up to 300 scans per second.
  6. Newland HR1550

    The HR1550 design makes it easy for users to handle regardless of hand size. User's can scan barcodes comfortably to increase productivity in scan-intensive applications. Can read all 1D barcodes as well as PDF417 and MicroPDF417.
  7. Newland HR1550-CE

    The HR1550-CE is the cordless model of the HR1550, which can read PDF417 and MicroPDF417. Adopting the Zigbee technology to realize wireless communication and supports standard USB interface. A productivity-enhancing scanner offers up to 17 hours of battery life which powers 60,000 scans per full charge.
  8. Newland HR2260

    The HR2260 is equipped with Newland's third-generation decoder chip making the capture of high-density, high-volume and distorted barcodes printed on paper or displayed on screen a breeze. With a blend of ergonomics and aesthetics in the design, the HR2260 ensures the user comfort and productivity for intensive handheld scanning.
  9. Newland HR42

    The HR42 excels at scanning high-density barcodes and also provides the added value of postal barcodes decoding, extending its data capture capabilities. The IR sensor inside the scanner exhibits an improved sensibility in activating the scanner to scan barcodes even when they are presented 1000px in front of it, markedly increasing throughput and productivity.
  10. Newland BS8060

    The BS8060 comes equipped with Newland's NLDC core technology, capable of reading 1D and 2D barcodes printed on paper or displayed on a screen. The high capacity Lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 hours of continuous use per charge. The BS8060 enjoys enhanced data rate with Bluetooth 4.0 Class 1 technology which is five times faster than regular Bluetooth.

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