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Psion Teklogix Hand Held Computer

Psion Teklogix is now part of Motorola. Psion Teklogix products are sold in over 80 countries - wherever there is a requirement for the most intelligent and flexible mobile workforce automation devices. Psion Teklogix's rugged mobile computers are designed from the ground up to deliver "Return on Mobility" meaning driving down the total cost of mobility, improving task efficiencies and delivering information dividends. Meanwhile, Psion Teklogix's vehicle mount computers combine modularity, performance and durability for workers in the warehouse. Browse our full product line from Psion Teklogix below or contact one of our representatives for a quantity discount.

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  1. Psion Teklogix Parts

    Products and parts from Psion-Teklogix.
  2. Psion Teklogix VH10 Terminal

    The new VH10 combines modularity, performance and durability for workers in warehouse, manufacturing, port, yard, air and transportation environments. Customers" operational performance just got better with VH10, thanks to its rich capabilities, rugged engineering and smart designs that enable better decisions, faster response and longer continuous workflow.
  3. Psion Teklogix Printabout Label

    Labels compatible with the Printabout.
  4. Psion Teklogix PTX-MLP 3040 Label

    Labels compatible with the PTX-MLP 3040.
  5. Psion Teklogix Omnii XT10 Handheld Computer

    The Psion-Teklogix Omnii XT10 gives you a modular and flexible solution packaged in a versatile product platform. With dozens of options and expansion modules, the Omnii XT10 supports over ten thousand final configurations. The Omnii XT10 enables you to automate key processes, improve task efficiencies, and access the right information. It is built with the Texas Instruments OMAP3 processor with a superscalar architecture that performs up to two times faster than the competition without sacrificing battery efficiency. Built to withstand tough environments, the IP65 rating resists water and dust and the rugged construction withstands drops from 2.0m (6.5'), the best in the industry.
  6. Psion Teklogix NEO Handheld Computer

    The Psion-Teklogix NEO may be small but it's unbelievably rugged, meaning it's never out of action and productivity never dips. This lean machine can withstand being dropped from 4 feet (1.2 meters) to polished concrete - we know it will stand up to your environment. It packs an IP rating of 54, so you don't have to worry about dust or moisture, and it can operate in harsh conditions with wide temperature ranges as well. The NEO also has an eight-hour battery life keeping it running during the whole shift. The NEO also features Windows CE 5.0 operating system, 1D/2D scanning options, a MicroSD slot and multiple keypad layouts.
  7. Psion Teklogix Ikon 7505 Handheld Computer

    The Psion-Teklogix Ikon 7505 integrates data capture, voice and data communications in one compact device. Wireless capability includes WiFi, cellular 3G HSDPA and Bluetooth connectivity. And GPS harnesses the power of location-based apps. Mobile workers love the Ikon 7505 because it's built on the principles of Natural Task Support, which helps them get the job done faster and more comfortably. The 3.7-inch full VGA display makes it incredibly easy to read even complex graphics and CAD drawings in low-light situations. The ergonomic keypad is designed for one-hand use with clear, unambiguous feedback. The Ikon 7505 withstands drops from 5 feet (1.5m) to polished concrete.
  8. Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro 3 Handheld Computer

    Intelligent, rugged and most importantly flexible, the Psion-Teklogix Workabout Pro 3 is a new breed of handheld computer that delivers the choice of numerous hardware add-ons, software applications and upgrades, making it work as hard as you do. The Workabout Pro 3 features hardware expansion slots to make adding new modules fast and easy - saving significant time and money. The Workabout Pro 3 can accept everything from fingerprint scanners and passport readers to RFID readers. The Workabout Pro 3 also boasts a range of communications options including WiFi or GPRS plus scanners, imagers and RFID options. The Workabout Pro 3 delivers next-generation modularity that enables customers to easily configure their device to suit a variety of applications and tasks.
  9. Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro Handheld Computer

    The Psion-Teklogix Workabout Pro is a flexible, expandable data terminal with a variety of hardware modules to choose from. Communications options include Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS/EDGE or UMTS/HSDPA voice and data. The Workabout Pro also features numeric or full alphanumeric keyboards and 1D laser or 1D/2D imager options, plus a wide range of hardware modules - anything from passport readers and fingerprint scanners to WAN radios and Bluetooth printers. The Workabout Pro is relied on every day in mobile-intensive applications such as asset tracking, meter reading, and mobile ticketing across a variety of industries such as field service, courier, retail, warehousing and manufacturing. It's a cellphone and an intelligent workstation too, allowing your mobile workers to call customers, upload route maps, and send data back to office headquarters.
  10. Psion Teklogix 7535 G2 Handheld Computer

    The Psion-Teklogix 7535 G2 is designed for warehouse environments and features a drop rating of 1.8 meters to polished concrete. An IP65 rating makes it impervious to dust and moisture, and it can withstand extremes of -10 to +50 degrees C (14 to 122 degrees F) and just keep working. The 7535 G2 is light, well balanced and sits comfortably in any size hand. The bright 1/4 VGA display is visible even in direct sunlight. The backlit, hard-capped keypad won't wear out, can be used in all lighting conditions and provides exceptional tactile feedback for ease of operation. The 7535 G2 is Windows-based and slots into your existing wireless infrastructure and applications hassle-free. Integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity ensure that the Psion-Teklogix 7535 G2 is never out of contact.

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