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model-11714 UIC

UIC MSR110 Card Reader

UIC MSR110 RS-232 interface has a programmable track data output and downloadable firmware. The MSR110 reads magnetic stripe cards and reads high and low coercivity magnetic stripes

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  1. UIC (6)
  1. MSR110-12CAKN

    MSR110, MSR, Track 1/2, Black, 110v, RS-232
    Free Shipping
  2. MSR110D-12BAKNR

    MSR110, MSR, Track 1/2, Black, 220v, RS-232, RoHS
    Free Shipping
  3. MSR110D-12CABN

    MSR110, D, MSR Reader, RS-232 Interface, Dual Tracks 1 & 2, Buzzer/LED, Swipe Type
    Free Shipping
  4. MSR110D-12CAKN

    MSR110, MSR RS-232, Track 1 & 2, Black, 110 V
    Free Shipping
  5. MSR110D-33CABNR

    MSR110, RS-232 Reader, Program Download, 3track, DB, 9pin, Cable, With AC, Beige
    Free Shipping
  6. MSR110D-33DH

    MSR110, D, MSR Reader, RS-232 Interface, Triple Track, dual Heads, Buzzer/LED, Swipe Type. Made to order, minimum 500 units.
    Free Shipping

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