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model-3512 Unitech

Unitech MSR120 Card Reader

The MSR120 is a unique mag stripe reader with RS-232 emulation with a USB cable, allowing greater compatibility to older back-end systems. Businesses looking for tried and true technology to use with their trusted infrastructure can rely on the efficient and programmable MSR120 mag stripe reader.
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  1. Unitech (2)
  1. MSR120B-33UE - Unitech MSR120 Programmable Reader Credit Card Swipe Reader

    MSR120 Programmable Reader, Magnetic Stripe Reader, Triple Track, USB (with RS232 Emulation), Black
    $120.00 $81.20
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  2. MSR120-33U - Unitech MSR120 Credit Card Swipe Reader

    MSR120, Magnetic Stripe Reader, Triple Track, USB (with RS-232 Emulation), Beige
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