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model-6959 Wasp

Wasp WWS500 Scanner

The Wasp WWS500 is a lightweight, easy-to-use cordless bar code scanner that is ideal for retailers, light warehouse and distribution centers, office or mobile environments. Simply plug the Bluetooth USB adapter into an available USB slot of a PC. The WWS500 is ready to scan bar codes using Bluetooth wireless connectivity up to 160' away from the PC. An integrated, rechargeable battery provides exceptionally long scan life on a single charge with over 25,000 continuous scans. There is an out of range indicator and low battery warning. The CCD LR scan engine scans all popular linear (1D) bar codes with a scan range up to 12' away.

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  1. 633808920401 - Wasp WWS500 Bar code Scanner

    WWS500, Wireless Barcode scanner with Bluetooth Adapter and Charger
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