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  1. Z-2121U - Zebex Bar code Scanner

    USB Cradle Kit. Portable Laser Scanner. Includes USB cradle and cable.
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  2. Zebex Z-8150 Scanner

    The Zebex Z-8150 is the most cost-effective CCD scanner on the market! The Z-8150 has a high-visibility aiming line and can read bar codes from up to 30 cm away. The Z-8150 also features multiple interface options, including USB, RS-232, PS/2 and Keyboard wedge, plus it can function in handheld mode and in a hands-free mode with the use of a stand. Other features include an LED to indicate a successful read, plus a tone-programmable beep. The Zebex Z-8150 has a 5 year warranty.
  3. Zebex Z-6070 Scanner

    The Zebex Z-6070 hands-free scanner utilizes two laser diodes that effectively double the scan lines, broaden scan angles and intensify scan pattern across the field, offering a pinnacle of scanning performance. The device also features barcode stitching technology, an applied logic for deciphering and rebuilding damaged and truncated barcodes, increasing first-pass reads and ensuring high throughput. The instant "objective-fly-by" automatic wake-up reduces power demand and extends scanner life; the scanner goes into automatic sleep mode when not in use, but "wakes up" at the pass of barcode. The easy on-site configuration and upgradeable facilities offer simple setup using either a Windows-based program or a barcode scanning-based guide, with electronically erasable flash memory to ensure easy on-site upgrade.
  4. Zebex Alpha-70 Scanner

    The Alpha-70 is a dual-CCD bar code reader with long-range capabilities. Using a patented dual-CCD technology, this reader uses a 3000-pixel high-res array for perfect scanning. The Alpha-70, when combined with a Zebex decoder, provides immediate standard symbology results.
  5. Zebex Z-2121 Handheld Computer

    Great stride have been made to boast a higher performance, an enlarged memory capacity, Bluetooth wireless connection, a vibrator, and rechargeable via USB port. The Zebex Z-2121 is integrated with advanced functions, user friendly interfaces, and sufficient flash memory to store data. It also delivers convenient one-handed operation, making the Zebex Z-2121 the perfect tool to help improve any mobile worker's productivity and efficiency.
  6. 93086-USB - Zebex Alpha-70 Bar code Scanner

    Alpha-70, Long range CCD USB kit: Scanner & USB cables.
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