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model-15226 Zebra

Zebra AN440 RFID Antenna

The rectangular AN440 antenna is designed to deliver faster, more accurate communication of EPC-compliant passive tag data to your RFID readers. So even in RF-challenging environments, you get longer read ranges and higher levels of performance. Your workflow keeps flowing, your inventory count stays accurate and your productivity can reach new heights.
  • Dual-element, ideal for bi-static operation
  • Can be used as two separate mono-static antennas in one package
  • Rugged design suitable for industrial applications
  • Aesthetically pleasing, low-profile for customer facing installations
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  1. AN440-CPDFQ915WR - Zebra AN440 RFID Antenna

    AN440, RFID Antenna, UHF, Outdoor or Indoor, High Performance, Dual Antenna.
    $330.00 $237.60
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