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model-15341 Zebra

Zebra Symbol CS1504 Scanner

While Web access has given customers the freedom to shop anytime the CS1504 Consumer Memory Scanner from Symbol Technologies gives them true mobility to shop anywhere. Another breakthrough in consumer barcode scanning technology the CS1504 Consumer Memory Scanner enables customers to capture bar codes on retail merchandise in order to create a shopping list purchase an item or simply link to the Web for further content about the item of interest. Anyone can use this pocket-sized scanner to read bar codes found on merchandise or in catalogs from virtually anywhere. Small and lightweight enough to fit in a pocket or purse customers can use this scanner at home in the store or on-the-go. It makes routine tasks such as reordering groceries or office supplies quicker and easier than ever before. It's ideal for list-making and gift-registry applications and can be a great incentive for your preferred customers

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  1. Symbol (4)
Form Factor
  1. Handheld (1)
Scanner Capability
  1. 1D (1)
  1. Cordless (1)
  1. General Purpose (1)
Scanner Type
  1. Laser (1)
Included Cables
  1. RS-232 Serial (1)
  1. Dark Gray (1)
Scan Pattern
  1. Single Line (1)
  1. CS1504-I100-0002 - Symbol CS1504 Bar code Scanner

    CS1504, Consumer Memory Keychain Scanner (Class II, Hardware Revision, Standard, No Direct Cable Option and 2-cable USB solution 25-44301-01 and 50-16000-386)
    Free Shipping
  2. CS1504-I100-01 - Symbol CS1504 Bar code Scanner

    CS1504, Consumer Memory Scanner (Batch Keychain Scanner with Serial Interface)
    Free Shipping
  3. CS1504-I100-0002R - Symbol CS1504 Bar code Scanner

    CS1504, Serial interface kit and serial to USB converter cable.
    Free Shipping
  4. CS1504-I100-01R - Symbol CS1504 Bar code Scanner

    CS1504, Scanner with serial interface kit.
    Free Shipping

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