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model-3697 Hand Held

Hand Held TT8500 Signature Pad

The TT8500 comes standard with features that are not available or cost extra with other terminals. Powered USB, 4MB flash, 16MB of RAM, and a 3-track magnetic stripe card reader are standard. Choose a color LCD, additional memory, USB host, and 10/100 Base T Ethernet factory options. Not another gray box, the TT8500's innovative design is ergonomic, durable, and friendly to use in a small footprint.

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  1. Honeywell (24)
  1. TT8500-CNU

    TT8500, Color, 3-Track MSR, Host USB, Unit only
    Free Shipping
  2. TT8500-MNK4110

    TT8500, Signature Capture Terminal, USB Interface, Monochrome LCD, Cable and Power
    Free Shipping
  3. TT8500-ME

    TT8500, Transaction Team 8500 Signature Capture Terminal (Monochrome, 3-Track MSR and Ethernet - Unit Only)
    Free Shipping
  4. TT8500-MEU

    TT8500, Monochrome LCD, 3 Track MSR, Ethernet, HST USB, Desktop
    Free Shipping
  5. TT8500-MEUE

    TT8500, Monochrome LCD and Transact 3-Track MSR, Ethernet and USB
    Free Shipping
  6. TT8500-MEUEKITE

    TT8500, Monochrome LCD, RS-232 Cable, Power supply, Signature Capture, MSR.
    Free Shipping
  7. TT8500-MNE

    TT8500, Monochrome LCD and 3-Track MSR
    Free Shipping
  8. TT8500-MNE3KITE

    TT8500, Monochrome LCD, RS-232, Cable and Power
    Free Shipping
  9. TT8500-MEUK3110

    TT8500, Ethernet and USB, Monochrome LCD, RS-232 Cable and Power
    Free Shipping
  10. TT8500-MNK3110

    TT8500, RS-232, Monochrome LCD, True Finger Touch, Signature Capture, Virtual Pin Pad, MSR Card Reader for Tracks 1, 2 and 3, Stylus, Holder, 12 ft. Interface Cable, Screen Protector System and Power supply
    Free Shipping

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