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model-1661 LXE

LXE MX6 Handheld Computer

The LXE MX6 is the perfect handheld for a wide variety of data collection applications in the warehouse and distribution center. Use the imager for 1D and 2D barcode scanning, and even digital photos - great for capturing images of damaged goods. Choose the laser scanner for traditional barcode laser scanning applications.

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  1. LXE (3)
  1. Full-size (3)
Network Connectivity
  1. Bluetooth (1)
Operating System
  1. Windows CE .NET 4.2 (2)
Scanner Type
  1. Laser (2)
Data Collection Type
  1. Wireless (2)
RAM Memory
  1. 128MB (2)
Display Resolution
  1. 240 x 320 (2)
  1. MX6LAMB6O1A1 - LXE MX6 Handheld Computer

    MX6, Internal Laser Scanner, Advanced Long Range, With Handle
    Free Shipping
  2. MX6LAMB8O2A2 - LXE MX6 Handheld Computer

    MX6, 802.11b, Long Range Laser, 5250 Overlay, Handle, Java, RF Terminal
    Free Shipping
  3. MX6A383CHGR4US - LXE MX6 Handheld Computer

    MX6, 4-Unit Main Battery Charger (US Power cord with Analyzing) for the MX6
    Free Shipping

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