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model-1779 Metrologic

Metrologic MS6720 Scanner

The Metrologic MS6720 is the first Laser Barcode Scanner to truly bridge the gap between omni-directional fixed projection and handheld Scanners. It incorporates fixed projection performance and patented 20-line scan pattern into the comfortable ergonomic styling of the popular handhelds. With this design Metrologic has engineered a Scanner that transcends any other on the market today. The MS6720 utilizes a unique patented infrared sensor and control scheme for hands-free projection scanning and fatigue reduced handheld operation. Whether operators choose to present small items to the Scanner or transport the lightweight Scanner to bulkier items the MS6720 is the perfect choice for many applications. Included with the MS6720 Scanner is a stationary stand which is ideal for applications where the MS6720 is being used mostly as a handheld Scanner. This stand was designed for ease of use while still providing sufficient room for fixed presentation. An optional adjustable stand is also available and provides 7 rotational and 9 tilting positions as well as a removable wall mount cup. The MS6720 features both short-range and long-range activation user-friendly programming reliability and versatility. Operators are sure to appreciate the convenience and flexibility of the MS6720.

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  1. MK6720-32A07

    MS6720, USB-Keyboard wedge kit, Adjustable stand, Type A cable, Black
    Free Shipping
  2. MK6720-73A08

    MS6720, Kit, USB-POS, Adjustable stand, Lite Gray
    Free Shipping
  3. MK6750-32B14S

    MS6720, 7120 Language, RS-232, Straight cable, Black
    Free Shipping
  4. MK6750-32B41

    MS6720, 7120 Language, RS-232, Adjustable stand, 9-pin Female cable, Power supply, Black
    Free Shipping
  5. MK6750-32B47

    MS6720, 7120 Language, Keyboard wedge, Adjustable stand, PS/2 and AT cables, Power supply, Black
    Free Shipping
  6. MK6720-32B41

    MS6720, RS-232 kit. Includes RS-232 cable, power supply & adjustable stand.
    Free Shipping
  7. MS6720-88

    MS6720, SCANNER ONLY IBM3151
    Free Shipping
  8. MK6720-32B47

    MS6720, Keyboard wedge kit. Includes PS/2 cable, PS/2 to AT/XT adapter & adjustable stand. Color: black.
    Free Shipping
  9. MK6720-71B41

    MS6720, RS-232 kit. Includes RS-232 cable, power supply & stationary stand.
    Free Shipping
  10. MK6720-32A62

    MS6720, Ruby Verifone, Adjustable stand, Color: Black
    Free Shipping

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