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model-3725 Hand Held

Hand Held ImageTeam 5600 Scanner

Hand-Held's exclusive imaging technology provides breakthrough performance in the ImageTeam 5600 linear image. The most powerful linear imager ever produced, the ImageTeam 5600 excels at read range, reading poor quality bar codes, and is extremely durable. The ImageTeam 5600 has a read range out to 24 inches on bar codes used in retail applications making this a good choice for POS applications where heavy or bulky items are being scanned. The ImageTeam 5600 is built to last, with full perimeter bumpers, GE Lexan housing and a 5 year warranty. The ImageTeam 5600 linear imager goes the distance in today's retail and commercial applications.

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  1. 5600SR050-0A00

    ImageTeam 5600, commercial and retail linear imager Keyboard wedge kit: Scanner, PS/2 Y-cable, & user's guide.
    Free Shipping
  2. 5600SR050-0G00

    ImageTeam 5600, commercial and retail linear imager with Keyboard wedge, USB & RS-232 interfaces. Includes user's guide. Order cables separately. See accessories.
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  3. 5600SR150-0F00

    ImageTeam 5600, commercial and retail linear imager with USB interface. Includes user's guide, UHOLDER and Commercial USB Cable - 42206161-01. Color: Black
    Free Shipping
  4. 5600SR050-0C00

    ImageTeam 5600, holder, Combo Cable - 42206212-02 and user's guide.
    Free Shipping
  5. 5600SR010-0G

    ImageTeam 5600, scanner only, User Guide. Cable not included. See accessories.
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